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Take a Beautiful Ouray!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We find ourselves lucky to be Real Estate Agents on the Western Slope of Colorado. Surrounded by Colorado outdoor adventures makes finding the perfect home for home buyers in Montrose, Ridgway, Ouray, or Telluride that much better! One of the towns we really love doing real estate in is Ouray, Colorado. Being Ouray Real Estate Agents we get to help people find not just beautiful homes, but homes that are surrounded by beauty. The views in Ouray, Colorado are truly breathtaking, and we want to share with you some of the simple hikes that make Ouray so great.


This short hike can be accessed from Downtown Ouray, Colorado, is good for hikers of all skill levels, and only takes about 30 minutes. Once you get to the top, you’ll experience views of a beautiful waterfall (seasonal). You can start walking from Ouray Main Street, or if you are driving, there is minimal parking closer to the trailhead. Starting from the post office walk down (north) to 8th Avenue. Take a right and walk up as far as you can go or if you are driving, this will be where you park. To start your hike, walk through the wooden opening. Once you walk through there will be a box, where you have the option to sign in. Continue by following the trail along the stream as it leads you up to the falls. Note that if the stream isn’t flowing at the trailhead it’s not likely there will be any falls to see at the end. Along the way, there will be interpretive signs to help guide you and give you information about the area and the Cascade Falls. This will take you to the base of the Cascade Falls. For a bit more exercise you can continue up to the Upper Cascade Falls (there will be a sign telling you where to go). Being Ouray Realtors we find the Cascade Falls to be a very popular site to see in Ouray.

COLORADE BOY MINE--This is a great little hike up in the Red Mountain area that leads to a very unique and well preserved large mine building. The Colorado Boy Mine is one of only three intact vertical mine shaft house structures in the Red Mountain Mining District. With the drive to the trailhead and the hike, this can be done in about 2 hours. To get started you will drive out of Ouray, Colorado on the Million Dollar Highway (US 550 South). You will be going about seven to nine miles south of Ouray until you get to the turn-off for “Ironton Town Site Trailhead” on the left. Once you turn here (County Road 20D) you will follow it for about .2 mile. At the junction, you will park near an old building. You will see 2 paths, and you’ll follow the one with the trail sign on it. In about 200 yards look for a trail sign pointing left. The trail goes towards the creek and over a bridge. Keep following for a short way and you will come to another sign on the right where you choose to sign the trail register. From here you will climb uphill a little bit and then the trail will level out with some beautiful views, including the large marvelous mine building. The Colorado Boy Mine sits at 9,920 feet and is a truly beautiful sight to see. This historical mine and the views from where it stands are incredible. As Ouray Real Estate Agents, this hike is admired because of the interesting history of the mine.

OURAY ICE PARK LOOP--The Ouray Ice Park is well known for the world-class ice climbing in the Winter, and the annual Ouray Ice Festival. Another great thing about the Ice Park is the hike you can take around the Ouray Ice Park Loop. You can either choose to walk from the post office or drive. If you are driving to the trailhead it will take you a little over an hour, and if you are walking from Downtown Ouray it will take about 2 hours. This hike will have a variety of walking, unusual perspectives, and a good feel for the Uncompahgre Gorge, the old city water pipeline path and the more modern constructions built for the growing international ice climbing routes. Either way, you will get there by going up Main Street (going south), it will turn into the highway and you will continue going as it curves right. At the next switchback, you will turn right onto County Rd 361 which will be marked as Yankee Boy Basin and Camp Bird. Keep going past the turn-off for Box Canyon Falls. If you chose to drive you will park on the left at the next corner. You will look for the Ice Park Trail sign just on the left bank just before the concrete bridge. The trail may be difficult to spot. Look for stacked rocks and little orange flags. You will then arrive at the sign-in box and there will be a good map to grab in order to help you navigate the trail. The Ouray Ice Park is truly amazing. It’s one of the things that makes Real Estate in Ouray exciting, and as Ouray Realtors, we highly recommend putting the Ice Park Loop hike, and Ouray Ice Festival on your list.

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