You may already know the Cornerstone has been stagnant the last few years. What you may not have heard, and The Mountain Group is telling it to you first, is they are surfacing with a comeback! The Cornerstone Club located out in the country of Montrose, Colorado is a golfer’s dream community. According to Golf Magazine, Cornerstone Club is “…easily the best high altitude course in the nation, and quite possibly the world.” It was named #1 Best New Private Course in Colorado and #2 Best New Course in the U.S. by Golfweek Magazine in 2008. The Clubhouse offers a warm and welcoming staff who will treat members and guests to Pioneer Hospitality service. Inside you will find the Village Mercantile and a unique dining experience where everyone will know your name and children are welcome to help the Chef!

The Cornerstone Subdivision has an elevation of 9,223 feet and features a Greg Norman Designed Golf Course, which will give golfers a truly natural golf experience by letting the natural lay of the land guide the flow of the course. Aspens, sage and ephemeral streams come into play for the players of the course.

Cornerstone prides themselves on making living easy for their members. They make it easy to join their community with their lease options and Cornerstone-built foursome cabins. They offer builder homes and offer a variety of locations, sizes and lifestyle choices members can choose from. Whether you are looking for a full time home or a part time place to live, the Cornerstone community is alive with members and looking to add to their “Cornerstone family”.

Maybe those homes aren’t for you, which is why Cornerstone is offering those “homesteaders” some extra elbow room with their admirable 20+ acre ranches. This neighborhood option offers these members the ability to keep their own horses and create pastures and structures for them to stay in. These ranches are located along the perimeter of Cornerstone, and offers you a choice of moonlight or street lights, and mountain tops to roof tops.

Maybe a ranch style neighborhood isn’t your style, which is why Cornerstone offers a Resort Village setting which are less than one acre and backs up to an open space. This type of neighborhood offers easy access to walking trails, Golf Clubhouse and the Cornerstone Lodge. You can choose a pedestrian-only location, a spot located among the aspen forests, or an area that offers views of the San Juan Mountains or the Uncompahgre Valley, and beyond the Mesa’s and mountains.

The ultimate goal for the Cornerstone Community is to be a place where the stress, tribulations, and the hustle and bustle of the every day work schedule can be forgotten when you’re home. The 6,000 acre HOA is a place where families can come together to roam and run and ride. A place where the “Cornerstone family” can forget about their worries and to focus on the life they built for themselves.

Our Team Leader, Beckie Pendergrass, was an exclusive real estate agent to The Cornerstone, and her years of experience and expert knowledge of the community will surely benefit you with everything you need to know. Reach out to The Mountain Group Team to get started in your next real estate adventure.