Whether you just bought a home and want to increase its value for the future, or you are looking to sell your home, increasing the value of your home can be a relatively simple process. Its always a good idea to think about increasing your home value as it can help it sell faster or allow you to enjoy it even more.

A messy lawn and landscape will make a bad first impression

If you have an overgrown lawn or don’t maintain your landscape, this is going to make a bad first impression on others. You want the front of your house to be very neat looking and inviting. You’ll not only want to keep your lawn neatly trimmed, but also make sure the grass isn’t growing over the sidewalks or driveway. Edging along these areas can give your home nice curb appeal and a good, clean look. Keep your landscape free of weeds and make sure your lawn isn’t encroaching into any of your landscape areas. For your landscape and home to look its best, be sure and keep bushes and trees trimmed, especially around windows. Bushes and branches should not be covering any part of your windows. Planting shrubs, grasses, or flowers at the corners of your home can help your home look more inviting and soften the edges.

paint your house neutral colors


Painting is one of the easiest ways to update the inside of your home. If you’re selling your home, painting it neutral colors will appeal to the largest amount of people. Not everyone always sees the potential for a house and painting can update your home and give it a fresh look. Many times, kids rooms are painting in very bright and bold colors. If you’re selling your home, painting these kinds of rooms can help a buyer decide to buy your house. Sometimes people don’t like to think of the work they might have to do or hire out. Doing this for them can motivate them to buy your house.

Make updates to the bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are some of the best areas to update in your home. These are some of the areas that people pay the most attention to. For some easy bathroom updates try painting it a lighter color. Since bathrooms are smaller spaces, painting them a lighter color will help brighten them up and make them feel larger. If you have an outdated vanity, consider repainting it, putting some new knobs or handles on it, or even consider replacing it altogether. Install some more modern lighting fixtures, buy a nicer shower curtain, and replace any towels that are worn.

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, so it’s really important that it looks good. Keep your counter tops well organized and free of clutter. Replace old and outdated kitchen appliances with newer, nicer looking ones. Give your kitchen some new lighting. Consider installing brighter LED bulbs or putting in under cabinet lighting.

entryway of a home

Update the entrance

The entrance of your home is another thing that is going to leave people with a first impression- either good or bad. Having some sort of closet or organizer for the front entry will help keep this area organized and clutter free. Adding accent lighting to the entryway area will help it feel warm. If there is enough space with some windows nearby, consider adding some houseplants for a truly inviting feeling.

modern lighting in a master bedroom in a house

Brighten rooms up with lighting

Older homes tend not to have a whole lot of light fixtures. For a simple, clean look, have some can lights installed in the ceiling by an electrician. Update dated fixtures with more modern ones. Make sure your replace any burnt out bulbs. And while you’re at it, consider switching out some or all of  your light bulbs for long lasting and energy efficient LED bulbs.

clutter free kitchen with big windows in a home in Colorado

Get rid of clutter

Clutter will detract from any home, no matter how nice it is. If you have a lot of stuff, thin, do you really need all of it? Have a garage sale or donate the items you don’t need. Sometimes spaces just need to be rearranged or reorganized. Make full use of closet organizers and other organizing systems for the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, and other areas of the home. Get an ottoman or coffee table that has storage. Use drawers and organizers under your bed. When your home is clutter free, it helps you feel less stressed and attracts potential buyers if you are selling.

Make the front door stand out

A big garage is a really nice feature for a house. But if your garage is in more in front, it can draw a lot of attention away from the house. You want to lead people’s eyes to the front door. Consider replacing your door with a nicer one that draws more attention or paint your current front door with an accent color that goes with the rest of the house. You can also draw people’s eye to the front door by using lighting and landscaping effectively. For an easy way to bring more attention to your front door, plant some flowers or other plants in some nice pots near your front door.

deep cleaning a bathroom

Deep cleaning

Nothing quite refreshes a house like a thorough cleaning. Hire some professional cleaners to do your carpets and floors, they have the knowledge and equipment to give your house the deep cleaning it needs. A thorough cleaning is going to be a lot of work and it will take some time. Get your spouse or other members of the family to help out. While you are cleaning, be on the lookout for anything that might need repairs.

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