The warmer weather of summer is on its way, which means that the growing season for many fruits, vegetables, & crops is getting started. Many small business owners depend on the community to purchase their products or services. When you buy local, there are many benefits.

The food is fresh at your local market

Montrose is situated in a great area for growing crops. Olathe is well known for its sweet corn and Palisade is famous for peaches. While the indoor farmer’s market in Montrose has been going on throughout the winter, the outdoor farmer’s market starts on May 11, 2019. The fresh produce at a farmer’s market is usually picked within the week, with other larger stores, you don’t know how long ago the produce was picked, or how ripe and ready it really is.

Montrose, Colorado farmer's market

Buying local helps your community

When you buy local produce, products, and services, the money goes right back into your community which helps everyone. Small business owners appreciate every purchase and the money you spend with them goes directly into serving you and will also provide for their family. The more money that is spent locally, more jobs are created within our community. You’ll also just become more connected to your community and to local business owners.

shop local and support small businesses

When you shop local it is better for the planet

Shopping for local products at markets and stores reducing the use of fossil fuels used in delivery. Shopping local not only cuts down on delivery costs and fuel used but it also reduces the use of a lot of extra packaging and shipping materials. Americans generate over 250 million tons of trash every year and that number is on the rise. Shopping local is just one way you can reduce waste and help the planet.

environmental tree


Have you checked out all the local businesses and products that the Montrose area has to offer? And if you’re thinking about moving to the area, be sure and contact us about the available real estate for sale.